Corey & Sophia D. (Peoria, Illinois) — Sublime St. Lucian Honeymoon at St. James Morgan Bay resort.

Jennifer Walker Travel, especially Jennifer herself, is fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about the customer service and care we received when booking our honeymoon.

My fiance and I really wanted the honeymoon of our dreams but did not know where to start! I had seen Jennifer at a Bridal show before, but at that point I was not yet ready to book our honeymoon. We got referred again from a friend, and I emailed Jennifer, who was quick to respond and super open about setting up an initial consultation that SAME week!

Jennifer sent us an initial sheet that outlined our interests, budget, etc. It seemed like she was willing to work with any budget, and money is a huge factor for us! She was so welcoming and flexible with time and place of meeting because of my fiance and I having opposite work schedules. She was busy at the time with bridal shows coming up, but she sent us a list of resorts to look at just a day later!

Every time we had a question or emailed Jennifer, she was back with us within a day or so! She is knowledgeable of the resorts/destinations, and we trusted her with sending us to an amazing resort! We recently booked our honeymoon and even though Jennifer was away with family, she made sure we got booked in time.

Jennifer always made us aware of her schedule and when she would be able to get back to us. We had recent bad weather and some of her other clients’ flights were cancelled; however, Jennifer took the time to email us to let us know that there may be a delay in getting back to us as she wanted to make sure her clients got their flights figured out! We are relieved to know that she will stick with us throughout our stay and travel!

It was truly a hassle-free and enjoyable process! We cannot wait for our honeymoon in August, and we have 100% confidence that we got the best deal and made the decision at our pace! Thank you, Jennifer!