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Where are those amazing and awe-inspiring destinations you’ve dreamed of experiencing during your lifetime?   


All-inclusive resort packages offer clients transportation, accommodations, meals/drinks, and taxes in one bundled price. They are a great option for folks trying to control their expenses, as well as for multi-generational and group travelers, given the variety of amenities, services, and food options available.  I’ll help you sort through the options to find the right resort for you!

Luxury Small Ship Ocean, Expedition & River Cruises

An experience that takes you places, that’s what cruising is all about, and you only have to unpack once! Whether you prefer a more tranquil, relaxing getaway or high-energy entertainment complete with exotic food and dancing, cruise ships have it all.  Knowing which cruise line and itinerary is perfect for you is where I can help!

Escorted Travel

Escorted travel is a great option for anyone seeking a structured, social vacation. By taking care of all the planning, travelers on an escorted tour are able to relax and go with the flow. You’ll experience new sites guided by an expert while making new friends with your travel mates!  Whether you wish to travel within the United States, or internationally, there is an escorted tour to suit your interests and activity level.  You may also travel with me on select escorted tours!  

Rail Journeys

Take the scenic route by train! Rail travel is definitely an underrated way of getting from point A to point B, plus it’s got charm! Skip the long airport lines, save some cash, and say good-bye to road rage with train travel.  

Honeymoons & Anniversaries

Romance is in the air. I can help you find the perfect international location to decompress after you say, “I do,” or when you celebrate your years spent traveling through life together.

Customized Travel

Customized travel is ideal for anyone seeking a more personalized and immersive experience based around your needs, interests and preferred pace.  It’s also a great solution for multigenerational and social groups!


Want to receive great value for your money?  Interested in having someone advocate for you, so you don’t have to go it alone?  Too busy to spend hours online, researching and comparing travel options that might sound too good to be true?  Seeking personal advice on a destination or hotel you’re unfamiliar with and wondering if it’s the right place for you?  Wondering whether you have the proper paperwork and vaccines for international travel? 

Why would you not use a travel consultant, would be a better question to ask yourself.  

In most instances, travel advisors will receive a commission from the travel suppliers we work with.  Payment typically arrives approximately 60 days after your trip is completed.  If the travel advisor is not being compensated by the travel supplier with whom arrangements have been made, such as in the case of most airfare-only reservations, or trip cancellations, a Professional Planning Fee may be collected during the initial stage of planning the trip.  Rest assured, I will not surprise you with a fee late in the travel planning process.  I also do not base my recommendations to you on the amount of commission I expect to receive–my focus is always on serving your needs.  

I do reserve the right to assess fees, such as for customized itineraries that require extensive research and support, change fees, and cancellation fees.  Rest assured, I will never surprise you with an unexpected fee.  

My primary focus is on international travel.  Within the United States, I offer assistance with escorted tours, groups, destination weddings, rail travel, and cruises departing from US ports.  

The best resource for current information about the safety of a particular destination is the US Department of State’s website.  

The Centers for Disease Control website is the best resource for health-related questions, such as required vaccinations or health warnings, for a given destination.

When you contact me for travel planning assistance–by phone, email, or by completing a Contact request form on my website–I will make every effort to get back with you the same business day.  That fast response is something that distinguishes me from other travel consultants in the area.  

Once we connect, we’ll discuss your trip at length, and I’ll ask you a ton of questions about your past travel experiences in addition to identifying your current needs.  This initial consultation to discuss your trip is complimentary, and we can have that conversation over the phone or in person at a mutually convenient location, day and time.  This is another way I’m different from other travel advisors–I tailor the planning process to you–starting with the initial consultation to discuss your trip.  

New clients will be asked to complete online agency forms to gather additional information I will need to arrange your trip, such as basic contact information, allergies/physical needs, budget for the trip, and any travel preferences you may have, such as favorite airports, hotel chains, and so forth.  I’ll review the information, follow-up with any questions, and then I will make my initial recommendations to you (at least two travel solutions).  Sometimes, that may be a list of resorts or destinations I feel will meet your needs, or a specific cruise line/itinerary for you to look at and provide feedback to me.  Based on your feedback, I’ll know what our next steps in the travel planning process should be.  I’ll also present my recommendations in the format you prefer–email, spreadsheet, photo-rich content.

Arranging your travel takes place after all questions and concerns have been addressed, and you’re completely satisfied with your travel-buying decision.  At that point, pertinent traveler identification will be collected, such as passports for international travelers, and credit card information will be gathered in order to confirm your reservation with deposit payment to the preferred travel supplier(s) with whom your trip is being arranged.  Once the trip is confirmed with deposit payment, I’ll provide you with a receipt for your payment to the travel supplier, and I will continue to provide you with ongoing support up until your travel is completed–answering questions as they pop up, arranging tours and entertainment, or making adjustments to your travel plans when life brings unexpected challenges which interrupt your travel plans.  I also provide assistance in the event you need to file a claim for reimbursement with a travel insurance provider.  Having worked with insurance companies for over a decade in a previous career, I’m exceptionally good at helping my clients with their insurance paperwork.

After your trip, I’ll follow-up with you to obtain your feedback on how everything went, and what your future travel plans are.  I’ll invite you to continue to stay in touch through social media, electronic newsletters, and periodic updates on any sales my preferred travel suppliers are offering that I feel are worth noting.  I’ll also invite you to participate in my agency’s rewards program–another service unique to my agency and only available to past clients.

Need more information?  Read client comments on the Clients Say page of this website.

Credit card information is collected in order to record payments directly to the travel supplier(s) with whom your trip is being arranged.  The individual supplier will set a minimum required deposit required to confirm your reservation, as well as set a final deadline by which full payment will be due.  Between the deposit and final payment, you may make payments toward your trip by simply letting me know via email the date and amount of payment to be made with your credit card information on file, or you may wait until closer to final payment to make one lump-sum payment.  Each time a payment is made on your behalf to the supplier, a receipt will be provided to you.  

Unless a private home, condo, or villa is available through one of my trusted travel suppliers who have vetted the property, and I’m able to build a vacation package around it, I do not assist in arranging trips involving private homes/condos.  

When comparing apples-for-apples, my preferred travel suppliers are often able to meet and/or beat an online travel offer when complete line-items are provided with a current time/date stamp.  I will always try to obtain a price match for my existing clients who know and appreciate the value they’ll receive in working with me.

If I am assisting you with all of your travel arrangements to create a vacation package with airfare, ground transportation, hotels, and tours, I’ll certainly be willing to provide advice and assistance arranging your airfare.  I no longer arrange “air-only” reservations.

A travel agent takes orders and processes transactions, such as an online travel site where you input basic data and the website spits out a list of options which may or may not meet your needs and interests.  

A travel consultant not only collects basic information from you, but he/she will also get to know your interests and preferences to identify a travel solution that’s perfect for you.  A travel consultant will also provide assistance before, during, and after the trip as well as serve as your advocate should anything go wrong.  

What’s right for you–a travel agent, or a travel consultant.  Think of it this way…if you have a travel-related emergency, would you rather be able to pick up the phone and speak with someone who knows you well, and whose purpose is to provide assistance, or would you prefer to take your chances with a website?