Riding the Coronavirus Wave


I hope that while sheltering in place, you’ve managed to stay virus-free and have had a chance to follow my agency’s Facebook business page, as I’ve been providing travel-themed ideas for family activities, podcasts, virtual tours, websites and movies to keep you from going stir crazy.  For now, I’ve chosen to avoid promoting specific supplier sales promotions (though they are still out there).  Instead, I’m trying to bring hope to my clients that we will get through this difficult time together, and we will be traveling again.  The question is, “When?” 

In addition to the short videos I prepared, I am also providing the current travel timeline I am operating under as of today:

VIDEO #1:  Agency highlights – the impact of the coronavirus on Jennifer Walker Travel, and a huge thank-you to my clients who have supported me;

VIDEO #2:  My predictions for what will be hot on the travel front as we come out of quarantine;

  • May…By mid-May most cruise lines hope to resume service worldwide, and most all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico hope to reopen toward the end of May/1st of June.  I am continuing to monitor destination-specific travel restrictions.  The anticipated start of the Alaska and Coastal New England cruise season in mid-May is likely to be cancelled through the end of June unless Canadian ports re-open prior to the current deadline for closure to vessels carrying 500+ guests and crew members. 
  • June…By mid-June we expect to see more air service starting to return for popular destinations, such as Mexico and Caribbean islands, as well as the slow ramp-up of international flights around the world.
  • July…Escorted tours worldwide are scheduled to get back on schedule (some exceptions will apply), and cruises to Alaska and Coastal New England are expected to begin, following the scheduled re-opening of Canadian ports to passenger vessels. 
  • August 1st onward…We hope to be back to business as usual for all areas of the travel industry. 

When you’re ready to travel again, I’ll be here—ready to provide you with recommendations, advice and support.  Let me know where you’d like to go, and I’ll be on the lookout for sales and opportunities to make your trip a reality.  It’s not too early to start planning!  Give me a call (309) 256-2984, send me an email, or fill out a Contact request form on my website, and we’ll get your travel planning started right away!  I wish you and yours continued good health. 

Until next time…


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