If I’m going to be planning the details of your vacation, I think it’s fair that you know more about me. In fact, I welcome it. Sharing is one of the best parts of the travel planning process and through that, many times my clients become dear friends.

This is my passion:

I love being a Peoria area travel agent and consultant because I enjoy traveling and enabling people to explore new lands. I want you to be able to cross destinations and activities off of your Bucket List. I want you to expand your horizons beyond the places you already know. I believe travel is important to our well-being and it enriches our lives in ways that cannot be measured. When people travel, they become more aware of the world around them and are better able to enjoy, understand and improve the world for future generations.

I am fully qualified to plan your trip:

Not only am I an organized person in general, I am also a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) specializing in leisure travel. This means I’ve successfully completed many certification courses and testing necessary to help me optimize my services to you. I also travel regularly, visiting popular and up-and-coming destinations my clients are interested in so that I have first-hand knowledge of the destination and resorts. I am an informed professional who can find you excellent value on flights, hotels, and other activities in the area you’re looking to visit, and I am willing to do what it takes to do an insanely great job for you.

More than a suit:

I believe it takes more than certifications to be a good travel consultant. You need someone who is also trustworthy, encouraging, creative and relational. That’s where I excel. I take time to get to know you. I customize each trip to your needs because I value you. I listen to you. I honor the budget you set out for me. I think of solutions to help get you the vacation you want through every means we have available. I walk you through every step of the planning process and encourage you to try new things. Don’t take my word about being a good Peoria area travel agent and consultant: Feel free to visit my Testimonials page to find out what other people are saying.

Why should you depend on me as your travel consultant?

I’ve got passion.
First thing’s first: I love what I do. Never settle for a travel consultant who isn’t passionate about planning vacations. My goal is to see you positively glowing from the thrill of the trip.

I’m reliable, and I listen.
Not only do I offer quality service, I am a dependable, honest, certified travel consultant who listens to your needs. I will walk with you every step of the way, providing the answers and assistance you must have to make an informed travel-buying decision.

I’m fun!
Don’t expect a boring, straight-laced person when you work with me! I’m all about building true, lasting relationships with the people I help. I have a sense of humor and while I take my job very seriously, I believe planning a trip should be a fun and exciting process for you.

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